Domino was born at a stud in Portugal and was there free with other colts until he was 5 years old. At 5 years old they began to break him in there slowly as lots of colts and only one rider at the time. Several years ago his current trainer and his best friend went to select the 2 best Lusitanos and so his current owner chose Domino for his charisma and quality. Where his history is concerned, Domino was born and bred in Portugal at the stud FERNANDO CARVALO, he is son of Quovadis, who in turn is son of famous Habil of the Veiga lines. His dam is Magica, who is daughter of Nilo, another famous stud stallion of the Veiga lines. Domino is now at Prix Saint George level performing all the exercises of this admirable level. He has previously been tested for piroplasmosis and tested negative so he is eligible for export to countries such as USA and Australia. Plenty more video footage available on request.

Date of birth:
161 cm
Training level:
Prix Saint George

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