1. You find your own horse independently

If you find a horse that you would like to buy but it is not through myself, I will happily arrange the entire process for you for a small fixed fee, so you have the safety of a protected purchase. In this fee I will include the arrangement of transportation for your new horse safely to your home as well as issuing of correct and correspondent export documentation. I will take the stress out of purchasing for you by creating a shoulder for you to lean on, use me as your reputable agent, someone you can trust. In addition, for merely covered expenses I will go and visit the horse you’re wanting to purchase in any of region of Spain or Portugal and provide you with relevant photos and videos.

2. Professional and bespoke horse portfolio

Here at The Best Spanish Horses we have a wonderful wildlife and animal photographer working with us to help provide you (and I) with fabulous natural momentous photographs with the aim of building a reputable and beautiful portfolio for your horse. If you would like a professional portfolio to be made of your horse/s this can be arranged for a daily fee and will include a minimum number of photographs, an album included and video footage if additionally required.

3. Riding lessons

Riding lessons can be arranged at one of our multiple dressage riding centres in and around Malaga on the southern coast of Spain. We practice and train in the fine art of Classical dressage as well as Alta Escuela (High-School). Prices and availability on request.

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