1. Choose your horse

To come to Spain or not to come to Spain – That is the question!
I will start by saying it is always my sincerest recommendation that you come to Spain to visit and try as many horses as you can, horses that I shall carefully and personally short list for you with your guidance and say to meet your specific needs and requirements. Myself and my trusty team realise the process can be very daunting so we encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding the process. I have been selling horses for over ten years, this has been and remains my sole career and for this reason I am confident and comfortable reassuring you that I will be there with a hand on your shoulder throughout the entire journey, by your side to guide you with each step taken. My extensive experience in this field will hopefully give you the confidence you need and the security that I am always here for you, before, during and after. Call on me at any time, your peace of mind is my absolute goal. I do not charge my clients fees for viewing the horses, I provide the transport as well as a personal pick-up and drop-off service, the only thing I do ask is that you please cover the fuel cost incurred per day, cost of which is directly refunded off the purchase price of your horse upon completion. In this service I also offer to assist you with booking and finding suitable accommodation in the area.

2. Veterinary examination

The veterinary examination will be carried out specifically in accordance to your requirements. Veterinary examinations range from basic five star, or can include x-rays as well as blood tests, all at the disposal and request of the buyer. You may of course choose or use your own vet or if you wish and are happy, we can provide and recommend a veterinarian for you. Where possible I always try to provide video footage of the veterinary procedure for you so you can feel like you’re present. I will provide all vet reports and documentation in English for you and of course I am always on hand if you wished to speak directly with the veterinarian or if you wished to use me as your interpreter.

3. Transport

Once your horse has been vetted and you are fully satisfied with the results we can proceed to payment and after, to the transport of your horse to his destination and his wonderful new home! It’s my pleasure to arrange transport to any country world-wide, I have extensive experience in this field, and I can provide you with any quote you require as well as a detailed explanation of the transport process. Thankfully, I work with and alongside numerous reputable transport companies, road and air, and am always privileged to be able to arrange the entire process door to door for you with helping hands on deck to keep you informed and fully reassured during the transit of your new equine friend.

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