1. Decide to come to Spain! Leave your search in our capable hands! Once you have decided to fly to Spain we will happily organise your entire trip for you including: airport-pick up, accommodation, transport to view your chosen horses etc.
    Please enquire for pricing and availability beforehand.
  2. Once you have found your dream Spanish horse, let’s get to the veterinary examination! This is optional yet strongly recommended by us at thebestspanishhorses.com. There are varying types of pre purchase veterinary clinical examinations you might choose to have; and, for a fee, we will also video the entire pre-purchase veterinary examination if you so wish – we like to offer clients who cannot be present for the vetting a sense of personal comfort with a bespoke video.
  3. Once your horse has passed the veterinary examination then he/she is all yours and now it is time for us to arrange the transport for you as well as the export documentation. Please enquire for a direct transport quote by leaving your postcode and country. During the time your horse awaits collection, we will ensure the best care is given at all times.
  4. Thebestspanishhorses.com offers to organise the transport for you to any country in the world! If your country lies in the EU then we use road transport utilising only our most trusted companies who will deliver your horse safely to you. Should your country be located outside the EU then we can also arrange this transportation via plane.
  5. After purchasing your horse there are some optional costs to consider including: shoeing, vaccinations and worming (which is not obligatory in Spain), keeping your horse in training up until its departure. Please enquire for prices and a more detailed explanation. Generally speaking (there are some exceptions) once you have paid for your horse we allow up to two weeks for collection. After this period livery fees will incur.


If you should wish to come to Spain we have a variety of accommodation options for you to choose from – whether it is rural or beach front, we can cater for your needs. It is our recommendation when coming to view horses that your stay be between 2-4 days during this time we can organise viewings of suitable horses. Please enquire directly via email for the types of accommodation we offer as well as availability and pricing (as the latter is seasonal).

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