Name DOB Sex Height Photo More Details
MACANUO 15-03-2009 Stallion 158 cm MAIN Macanuo is a true fairytale Andalusian stallion who is now beginning to be broken in gently and ridden.Read More
UFANO 2001 Stallion 160 cm Ufano (7) - Copy A very talented Lusitano dressage horse, a true schoolmaster, performing flying changes etc...Read More
NUMAYO 01-01-2012 Gelding 160 cm S Numayo is a really sweet Andalusian gelding who's enthusiasm to learn and bond will melt your heart.Read More
NAZARENO 28-04-2007 Gelding 158 cm S A really sweet all-rounder Andalusian gelding who rides AND drives beautifully and easy for anybody to enjoy!Read More
MUNECO IX 2011 Stallion 163 cm S One of the remaining sons of the famous MUNECO sire who was admired for his amazing character and outstanding height and elegance!Read More
MUNECO V 10-04-2010 Stallion 165 cm S A stunning, very tall and very elegant black Andalusian stallion who is basic ridden and showing much potential.Read More
LEVANTE 01-01-2010 Stallion 164 cm S A supremely well bred Yeguada Militar stallion for sale with a supremely amazing character to match!Read More
JUGLANS 03-04-2009 Stallion 163 cm S A fabulous investment! A promising and well priced PRE stallion with a striking black mane and tail with a really good classical dressage movement.Read More
ESPARTANO XXXII 27-02-2010 Stallion 163 cm IMG-20150122-WA0024 - Copy This is a true classical dressage master, at such a tender age! Advanced for his time, displaying great movement and high intelligence!Read More
CLAVERO III 23-04-2006 Stallion 159 cm S A really well put together PRE Andalusian grey stallion with a good pedigree and comfy mover!.. with striking pink eyes, black mane and tail!Read More
CAZADOR 27-01-2008 Gelding 161 cm cazador 1 - Copy Very pretty black PRE gelding, full papered, of a good size and weight, basic trained but suitable for any type of rider.Read More
CAMARON LV 08-03-2004 Stallion 155 cm S Amazing baroque and beautiful, well put together dark chocolate bay stallion who is full papered with a good pedigree, child friendly and rides and drives!Read More
FARAON 2005 Gelding 158 cm S A stunning buckskin or dun Andalusian geldingof a sensible head who is trained in high school and is a safe ride for anybody to enjoy.Read More
BANDOLERO 24-11-2007 Gelding 162 cm S Tall and elegant Andalusian gleaming black gelding who is trained in the three main gaits and is a bombproof hacking horse.Read More
RUBIA 18-08-2008 Mare 161 cm S Stunning and very quiet Andalusian palomino mare available at great price.Read More
GITANO 2007 Gelding 158 cm S A totally bomb-proof, cuddly, sweet and gentile Andalusian gelding suitable for novice or nervous rider.Read More
CODE GRIBAL 2009 Stallion 163 cm IMG_7774 - Copy This horse is a interesting dressage horse, mix between PRE mare (Pinturera) and Universal (son of Gribaldi). Read More
DANTESCO II 15-03-2004 Gelding 162 cm Dantesco naked 2 - Copy A wonderful hacking horse who is safe, mature and sensible. Read More
ESTUDIANTE 2012 Stallion To make +16hh S Lovely young black Andalusian colt for sale - already very well handled, baroque and nicely set.Read More
BOMBA 2005 Mare 164 cm Bomba 3 - Copy A tall and elegant Andalusian mare who is suitable for a competent child - can pop a jumping course and is a great hacking mare too!Read More
ROCIERA 2009 Mare 162 cm IMG-20141118-WA0009 - Copy Lovely riding school Spanish-cross mare who is branded but not pure P.R.E. and is a child's best friend as she is regularly used in lessons and to teach people to jump! Read More
BRIOSO CXII 08-05-2008 Stallion 157 cm S A home bred PRE stallion with a gentile and submissive character.Read More
CAMPANERA CL 11-04-2008 Mare 156 cm still growing S Beautiful, dainty full pedigree PRE Spanish mare ridden but still green available for an amazing price... Enquire.Read More
RELAMPAGO 01-05-2008 Stallion 155 cm S A unique dappled BAY stallion who is nicely schooled in a snaffle and has very good manners.Read More
SILENCIO 2009 Stallion 157 cm Silencio 06 - Copy A really family friendly easy going black Andalusian stallion of fairytale looks and presence with a small price tag!Read More
HERCULES LXVIII 2008 Stallion 167 cm Hercules Sevilla 10 - Copy PRE dressage stallion with amazing potential, owned and ridden by a lady, has been professionally trained in classical dressage.Read More
HERCULES BR 04-03-2010 Stallion 157 cm Hercules BR 11 - Copy Lovely all-rounder Andalusian PRE pedigree stallion who would suit anybody really. Primarily a hacking horse but knows the basics in the school.Read More
HECTAREA 22-06-2012 Mare Predicted +16hh S Very pretty PRE black filly who will grow tall - predicted height at full maturity over 16hh.Read More
ECLIPSE 09-05-2009 Stallion 167 cm Eclipse and Julie 1 - Copy An amazing opportunity! Tall, elegant and graceful large PRE stallion who is Level 4 - Prix Saint George dressage.Read More
CHARLIE 2002 Gelding 167 cm charlie beach 2 - Copy Charlie is safe, sensible, fun and laid-back. He is the perfect all rounder and/or family horse.Read More
APOLO 2010 Gelding 158 cm S Apolo is a gentleman gelding, with great manners, kind eyes and a lion's heart. Despite his age he's very mature and has an insatiable urge to please.Read More
CARIBENO 19-05-2010 Gelding 157 cm S A very solid and well built dark chocolate bay PRE gelding with full pedigree with good manners and very well ridden for his age.Read More
PICARO 06-06-2011 Stallion 156 cm Picaro6 - Copy A lovely tall and gracious PRE black colt who will make into a stunning, big baroque yet elegant stallion with good paces and temperament.Read More
REINA 02-10-2006 Mare 160 cm S A mummy mare with a huge heart and a soul of gold, she really deserves someone who can love her and give her the tender bonding relationship she will treasure!Read More
CAGANCHO 14-02-1999 Stallion 160 cm S The mature gentleman you are looking for is right in front of you ! This horse has maturity, safety and sensibility on his side, a knight in shining armour who is utterly bombproof!Read More
CANDELA 05-03-2010 Mare 161 cm S A sweet nice mare with a sensible head on her shoulders, ridden and descending from a truly impressive line in her pedigree!Read More
IRLANDERA DE MUNOZ 20-05-2009 Mare 159 cm S A lady and a sweetheart - A mare who will make a good family horse or child's first horse.Read More
BANDOLERO CCXVIII 16-02-2006 Stallion 162 cm Bandolero (2) - Copy 100% Escalera Andalusian horse. Very quiet and easy to handle, can be ridden regardless of rider’s age, from an eight year old child to an advanced dressage rider, a versatile horse for dressage.Read More
ENBRUJO 2000 Gelding 158 cm IMG-20141006-WA0001 - Copy A lovely ex-show horse and exhibition Andalusian gelding suitable for the whole family to show off on !Read More
PIROPO CAST 03-04-09 Stallion 163 cm S Piropo is a sweet and very pretty Andalusian gelding who is ready for someone to bring on.Read More
DISTAL MIT 26-07-2009 Stallion 162 cm S A very correct Spanish horse with good conformation and impressive lineage.Read More
GORGORITO DE MUNOZ 20-04-2009 Stallion 160 cm S A rich chestnut PRE young stallion with a really docile character and well established in the basics.Read More
FANDI 2008 Gelding 158 cm IMG-20140929-WA0014 - Copy A really traditionally set Andalusian dun or buckskin gelding suitable for anybody with masses of hacking experience.Read More
UNICORNIO 2009 Gelding 157 cm Unicornio 1 - Copy A multi talented gelding who can be ridden English style, Vaquera style (traditional Spanish) and also drives!!Read More
BROCHE 01-03-2009 Stallion 164 cm IMG-20140929-WA0027 - Copy Very prestigious and talented young PRE dressage stallion now at Level 4 - P.S.G. level... and moving up!Read More
PIRINEO 06-04-2007 Stallion 160 cm S A very elegant and light PRE stallion who is now training in a snaffle and is purely bred from Yeguada El Carmen.Read More
UNICO 2008 Stallion 164 cm S Unico is a really pretty rose grey Andalusian stallion who has seriously good movement for dressage and a very sweet nature.Read More
PALILLERO 01-01-2009 Stallion 157 cm S Amazing high-school and trick horse ! Performing Spanish walk, passage, lies down, kneels down, bows etc !Read More
ICARO 2007 Stallion 160 cm DSC_0012 - Copy Prix Saint George Andalusian PRE stallion from world-renowned national breeder, producing only top quality dressage horses. Video on request.Read More
ORO 2010 Gelding 158 cm HA-Oro (1) - Copy This is a very pretty and unique looking Hispano-Arab (50% Spanish - 50% Arab), fantastic with children and a very safe hacking horse.Read More
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