Name DOB Sex Height Photo More Details
Fondo CY 05-12-2009 Stallion 170 cm S Super tall PRE pedigree young stallion standing at 170 cm !Read More
Murciano V 04-01-2010 Stallion 165 cm S A stunning, tall, very elegant and powerful PRE stallion of a glistening black. This is a perfect and serious dressage prospect, currently in training.Read More
King III 07-05-2004 Stallion 162 cm S Beautiful fairytale black PRE stallion with great pedigree and a good level of schooling including a few tricks and high school.Read More
Sultan CVI 10-02-2010 Stallion 165 cm S Fabulous serious dressage prospect! Coming from the best and purest bloodlines money can buy...Read More
Deseada CCCXLVI 03-08-2008 Mare 154 cm S Outstandingly bred PRE mare (descending from Olympic champion Fuego's lines) - very feminine looking, nice paces, quiet to ride.Read More
Luso IV 21-05-2008 Stallion 167 cm S Stunning, big, baroque, powerful and very impressive full PRE pedigree stallion who comes from outstanding bloodlines and rides nicely in the basics.Read More
Albaicin XIV 06-01-2004 Stallion 159 cm S Fairytale white PRE pedigree stallion with masses of presence yet soft and easy to ride, a ladies horse.Read More
Pavito II 05-04-2006 Stallion 158 cm S Stunning flash PRE stallion with a very good pedigree and tons of presence!Read More
Ateneo III 01-01-2005 Stallion 159 cm S Stunning and flashy PRE stallion of an amazing pedigree and who is deemed APTO (officially approved for breeding) with some high school training.Read More
Salomon XIV 18-05-2010 Stallion 165 cm S Beautiful young and vivacious PRE stallion who moves nicely and is classically trained under saddle.Read More
Hercules JMD Read More
Iridio Read More
Hercules JMD 17-02-2010 Stallion 161 cm S Beautiful and attractive PRE colt who would make a very nice dressage prospect with further training.Read More
Fauno AM III 14-04-2006 Stallion 160 cm S Fauno is a lovely riding and breeding stallion with excellent pedigree, entirely *Escalera on his sire's die and entirely *Yeguada Militar on his dam's side, impeccable lineage!Read More
Iridio 2010 Stallion 158 cm S Papered and pedigree Hispano-Arab, a total rarity! Grey with buckskin (dun) undertones with a good movement and temperament.Read More
Nadador XLVIII 09-01-2010 Stallion 163 cm S Stupendous dressage prospect! A very correct and straight moving tall and elegant PRE stallion who is now in professional hands and advancing quickly.Read More
Animado VI 29-06-2006 Stallion 160 cm S Lovely leisure and riding stallion with no stallion like tendencies and a really good pedigree.Read More
Mochuelo 06-07-2008 Stallion 158 cm S A gorgeous baroque very traditional Spanish stallion suitable for a family and for leisurely riding primarily.Read More
VM Jabonero 28-01-2009 Stallion 158 cm S A beautiful nearly pure *Guardiola bred stallion basic ridden in the three main gaits and safe to hack alone or with others.Read More
Ocho Bruno 03-05-2004 Stallion 168 cm OCHO BRUNO 10 - Copy Stunning, very tall and traditionally baroque PRE stallion who is well schooled in the basics with a kind temperament.Read More
Engreido VI 01-05-1997 Stallion 157 cm S Grand Prix level PRE stallion who has been there and done it all. He has actively competed at Grand Prix Level. Results on request please.Read More
Encopetado 06 08-01-2006 Gelding 162 cm S A wonderful Prix Saint George level dressage PRE gelding who is full papered and rides beautifully, ready to begin competing right away at PSG level.Read More
Marismeno LXV 15-12-2005 Stallion 163 cm S A very brave, forward going and beautiful PRE stallion standing tall and proud with lots of presence and WOW factor!Read More
Merlin 2007 Stallion 160 cm S Gorgeous cream palomino Andalusian stallion who is quiet as they come and rides beautifully.Read More
Icono ERRE 07-04-2004 Stallion 158 cm S A truly stunning rich chestnut PRE stallion who rides and drives and has also been approved for breeding (APTO) and bred some stunning foals!Read More
Derrote II 21-04-2009 Stallion 160 cm Derrote II (1) - Copy Fabulous dressage prospect - Young PRE colt with amazing pedigree, by elite breeding stallion "Cautivo XIII".Read More
Celoso LVI 20-06-2006 Stallion 166 cm S Striking very tall elegant big PRE stallion with very impressive bloodlines, primarily Tomas Obsorne and Yeguada Militar.Read More
Comico XXII 10-06-2006 Gelding 155 cm S Adorable PRE papered gelding (branded also) who rides and drives beautifully, quietly, safely and easily.Read More
Cantarero XI 30-08-2009 Stallion 158 cm S An up and coming PRE stallion of great heritage and bloodlines and is naturally a very good mover. Dressage prospect.Read More
Dean III 02-06-2007 Stallion 165 cm S A super Prix Saint George stallion with full pedigree, still in training with the intention of progressing to Grand Prix level.Read More
Valentina 01-05-2008 Mare 163 cm S Very talented mare at Level 4 in dressage, straight moving with excellent bloodlines and temperament.Read More
Barrena 06 19-01-2006 Mare 162 cm S Totally stunning and extremely talented dressage PRE mare now preparing for Prix Saint George level. Read More
Habana LX 19-04-2008 Mare 160 cm S A very striking and highly talented PRE mare who can perform all classical dressage as well as high schooling.Read More
Goliat VI 02-01-2003 Gelding 166 cm S A very elegant, tall, graceful PRE pedigree gelding who moves clean for dressage and has a sweet character.Read More
Montoya III 18-04-2007 Mare 157 cm S Super-safe and a good all-rounder mare to suit family, mother-daughter share or a novice rider.Read More
Pedro 15-05-2006 Gelding 157 cm S A sweetheart looking for a good home and a friend for life - A huge hearted, quiet, kind horse.Read More
Magistrao 10-04-2003 Gelding 159 cm featured Lovely, classy PRE gelding of a great pedigree (Carthusian lineage) and trained to do high-schooling and a very safe hacking horse.Read More
Invasor 2005 Gelding 163 cm S Stunning dark chocolate tall Andalusian gelding, perfect for dressage and for leisurely riding.Read More
Diamante 23-02-2008 Stallion 157 cm Diamante original 3 - Copy Stunning young Andalusian fairy tale stallion with good basic riding and hacking experience.Read More
Bonbon VAP 27-04-2004 Stallion 156 cm S Fairytale brave, forward going and sensitive highly trained PRE stallion.Read More
Imitador V 17-04-2008 Stallion 165 cm S Really amazing dressage horse ready to enjoy and to compete on.Read More
Tiano CEGE 01-03-2008 Stallion 160 cm S A stunning PRE pedigree stallion who is now backed to saddle and going very well in professional training several times a week.Read More
Sereno 2010 Gelding 163 cm S Tall, elegant, graceful and soft-natured Andalusian gelding who is very basic ridden but a gem to handle and to ride, please don't be fooled by his age.Read More
Silvestre VII 18-11-2008 Stallion 162 cm S A gorgeous, forward going light and elegant PRE stallion who is now in dressage training in southern Spain.Read More
Rinconero X 01-08-2005 Gelding 160 cm S Really flashy and brave PRE pedigree gelding who's a safe and sturdy hacking horse who will give you confidence and safety.Read More
Poniente VII 29-03-2010 Gelding 162 cm S Outstanding young dressage prospect for the future! Tall, well built, elegant and strong yet graceful.Read More
Picaso 15-04-2009 Gelding 158 cm S Fairytale Andalusian gelding who is a super happy hacker and is suitable for children's lessons too.Read More
Noble-J 2008 Gelding 162 cm S Fantastic dressage star horse! You won't find another like him, tall, elegant, light and balanced with a gentlemanly character.Read More
Pionero Nadales 2008 Stallion 160 cm S A really gorgeous PRE stallion of a good size and build, well established in the basics, preparing for further dressage training.Read More
Illusione Di Ferrari 10-01-20087 Stallion 162 cm S PRE papered stallion who will excel in dressage as he already has very good training for a horse this age.Read More
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