Name DOB Sex Height Photo More Details
BANDOLERO CCXVIII 16-02-2006 Stallion 162 cm Bandolero (2) - Copy 100% Escalera Andalusian horse. Very quiet and easy to handle, can be ridden regardless of rider’s age, from an eight year old child to an advanced dressage rider, a versatile horse for dressage.Read More
NAZARENO 28-04-2007 Gelding 162 cm IMG-20141019-WA0007 - Copy A fun, family horse who is a perfect all-rounder and will suit any rider of any level.Read More
ENBRUJO 2000 Gelding 158 cm IMG-20141006-WA0001 - Copy A lovely ex-show horse and exhibition Andalusian gelding suitable for the whole family to show off on !Read More
PIROPO CAST 03-04-09 Stallion 163 cm S Piropo is a sweet and very pretty Andalusian gelding who is ready for someone to bring on.Read More
DISTAL MIT 26-07-2009 Stallion 162 cm S A very correct Spanish horse with good conformation and impressive lineage.Read More
GORGORITO DE MUNOZ 20-04-2009 Stallion 160 cm S A rich chestnut PRE young stallion with a really docile character and well established in the basics.Read More
FANDI 2008 Gelding 158 cm IMG-20140929-WA0014 - Copy A really traditionally set Andalusian dun or buckskin gelding suitable for anybody with masses of hacking experience.Read More
UNICORNIO 2009 Gelding 157 cm Unicornio 1 - Copy A multi talented gelding who can be ridden English style, Vaquera style (traditional Spanish) and also drives!!Read More
BROCHE 01-03-2009 Stallion 164 cm IMG-20140929-WA0027 - Copy Very prestigious and talented young PRE dressage stallion now at Level 4 - P.S.G. level... and moving up!Read More
PIRINEO 06-04-2007 Stallion 160 cm S A very elegant and light PRE stallion who is now training in a snaffle and is purely bred from Yeguada El Carmen.Read More
FALCON 17-06-2007 Stallion 158 cm S Falcon is a baroque stocky hero horse! Really chunky but very well mannered, he's a gentleman and suitable for any lady, he's a real ladies man!Read More
UNICO 2008 Stallion 164 cm S Unico is a really pretty rose grey Andalusian stallion who has seriously good movement for dressage and a very sweet nature.Read More
PALILLERO 01-01-2009 Stallion 157 cm S Amazing high-school and trick horse ! Performing Spanish walk, passage, lies down, kneels down, bows etc !Read More
ICARO 2007 Stallion 160 cm DSC_0012 - Copy Prix Saint George Andalusian PRE stallion from world-renowned national breeder, producing only top quality dressage horses. Video on request.Read More
ORO 2010 Gelding 158 cm HA-Oro (1) - Copy This is a very pretty and unique looking Hispano-Arab (50% Spanish - 50% Arab), fantastic with children and a very safe hacking horse.Read More
BIENVENIDA 2005 Stallion 165 cm Bienvenida 1 - Copy Lovely Lusitano PSL (pure bred Lusitano) dapple grey stallion of great quality and class.Read More
HERRADOR XXIX 15-03-2006 Stallion 163 cm S A very promising dressage star who has already been competing at PSG level and attained high scores.Read More
JALISCO DE GARROCHA 25-03-2009 Stallion 162 cm IMG-20140603-WA0022 - Copy Stunning very traditional Andalusian stallion with very good pedigree, also note he was 2013's Silver medallist for CONCAB!Read More
JAQUEMATE 2008 Gelding 163 cm S Lovely black Andalusian gelding of a good solid build, friendly and quiet - A good option for any type of riderRead More
TABERNERO 2009 Gelding 162 cm Tabernero 12 - Copy A lovely friendly, docile, easy going Andalusian gelding ideal for basic schooling or long hacks alone or in company.Read More
ZUZON 18-04-2009 Stallion 164 cm Zuzon5 - Copy Very promising PRE stallion at established level 4 dressage with plenty of scope to go right to the top!Read More
YULI 15-06-2011 Stallion To make +16hh Yuli 30 - Copy Stunningly different cremello Andalusian (PRE) horse who is tall and elegant with very distinctive features.Read More
APPALOOSA 09-09-2010 Stallion To make +16hh Apaloosa 03 - Copy A beautifully unusual cross of a P.R.E. (Andalusian) with an Apaloosa to make a very distinctive baroque Spanish horse!Read More
BARRABAS 15-04-2002 Stallion 156 cm Barrabas 08 - Copy A mature and forward going chestnut Andalusian stallion who is safe and sensible and can perform a little Spanish walk too!Read More
SOLANO 12-05-2008 Gelding 163 cm Solera 04 - Copy Very friendly and submissive Andalusian gelding who would suit a novice looking for a fun companion horse to enjoy.Read More
DANDI 20-07-2005 Stallion 164 cm Dandi XXXV (1) - Copy Superb classic baroque Andalusian (PRE) stallion trained to dressage level 4 and high school.Read More
CURRO 17-03-2007 Stallion 163 cm Currito (4) - Copy A talented high-school trained Andalusian black stallion who is a real artist!Read More
BUDISTA 10-04-2006 Stallion 162 cm Budista 09 - Copy Stunning PRE stallion who is an excellent little mover!Read More
ALBERO 21-04-2009 Stallion 162 cm Albero 3 - Copy Stunning Luso cross palomino stallion who can bow !Read More
BANDOLERO CCCV 05-01-2007 Stallion 165 cm S A gentleman stallion who is just training up to Prix Saint George level now...Read More
DUENDE 2003 Gelding 159 cm MAIN Gorgeous fairytale black Andalusian gelding ideal for women and children.Read More
MALAGUETO 2009 Stallion 165 cm S Serious and very promising young dressage Spanish stallion.Read More
JACARANDA 25-10-2007 Mare 165 cm S A beautiful PRE papered mare who is a lovely ride, calm and easy, very "maternal" and looks after her rider.Read More
MORANTE 2008 Stallion 158 cm S Beautiful young palomino Iberian stallion with some very interesting markings. Nicely schooled do medium-advanced level.Read More
PALOMINO 2005 Stallion 159 cm S Stunning palomino Iberian stallion who is all high-school trained, safe to hack and dressage schooled! Perfect package. Read More
PALOMINO POTRO 2012 Stallion To make 162 cm New pics 2 - Copy Beautiful baroque palomino Andalusian colt who moves well and is curious and friendly.Read More
VALIOSO 09-02-2009 Stallion 159 cm Valioso 1 - Copy PAPERED and REGISTERED Lusitano stallion trained in the art of High School! Read More
MURCIANO V 04-01-2010 Stallion 165 cm S A stunning, tall, very elegant and powerful PRE stallion of a glistening black. This is a perfect and serious dressage prospect, currently in training.Read More
KING III 06-03-2008 Stallion 162 cm S Beautiful fairytale black PRE stallion with great pedigree and a good level of schooling including a few tricks and high school.Read More
SULTAN 10-02-2010 Stallion 165 cm S Fabulous serious dressage prospect! Coming from the best and purest bloodlines money can buy...Read More
LUSO 21-05-2008 Stallion 167 cm S Stunning, big, baroque, powerful and very impressive full PRE pedigree stallion who comes from outstanding bloodlines and rides nicely in the basics.Read More
PAVITO II 05-04-2006 Stallion 158 cm S Stunning flash PRE stallion with a very good pedigree and tons of presence!Read More
HERCULES 17-02-2010 Stallion 161 cm S Beautiful and attractive PRE colt who would make a very nice dressage prospect with further training.Read More
FAUNO 14-04-2006 Stallion 160 cm S This is a lovely riding and breeding stallion with excellent pedigree, entirely *Escalera on his sire's die and entirely *Yeguada Militar on his dam's side, impeccable lineage!Read More
IRIDIO 2010 Stallion 158 cm S Papered and pedigree Hispano-Arab, a total rarity! Grey with buckskin (dun) undertones with a good movement and temperament.Read More
ANIMADO 29-06-2006 Stallion 160 cm S Lovely leisure and riding stallion with no stallion like tendencies and a really good pedigree.Read More
JM JABONERO 28-01-2009 Stallion 158 cm S A beautiful nearly pure *Guardiola bred stallion basic ridden in the three main gaits and safe to hack alone or with others.Read More
MARISMENO 15-12-2005 Stallion 163 cm S A very brave, forward going and beautiful PRE stallion standing tall and proud with lots of presence and WOW factor!Read More
ICONO 07-04-2004 Stallion 158 cm S A truly stunning rich chestnut PRE stallion who rides and drives and has also been approved for breeding (APTO) and bred some stunning foals!Read More
VALENTINA 01-05-2008 Mare 163 cm S Very talented mare at Level 4 in dressage, straight moving with excellent bloodlines and temperament.Read More
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